• Auto Glass Repair vs. Replacement

    Auto Glass Repair vs. Replacement

    Glass chips and cracks are inevitable when you drive your car, whether you’re involved in an accident or just have gravel and other debris strike your vehicle. When this happens, is it better to repair the glass or have it repaired? The answer depends on a number of factors including the type of glass, the

  • What Happens During a Car Crash?
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    What Happens During a Car Crash?

    Why are cars safer than ever before? From systems to prevent an accident from happening to structural design that deflects impact forces, there are a number of factors at play that help you survive accidents. Here’s why a front-end collision that would have been lethal a few decades ago will result in little more than

  • Driving in the City
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    Driving in the City

    Whether you’re on a business trip or enjoying your summer vacation, driving around in cities can be a major headache. These tips will help you avoid stressful situations while protecting your vehicle. Plan Around Peak Traffic Times If you’re on vacation, you can make your own schedule, so why struggle with traffic if you don’t

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