• The Dangers of Eating and Driving

    The Dangers of Eating and Driving

    Distracted driving resulted in almost 3,500 accident deaths nationwide in 2015, and while texting gets most of the attention, most of us underestimate the impact eating and drinking has on our driving. In a survey of 1,000 drivers by ExxonMobile, 70% of drivers admitted to eating behind the wheel and 83% to drinking non-alcoholic beverages

  • Items You Shouldn’t Leave in Your Car

    Items You Shouldn’t Leave in Your Car

    Sure, you know not to leave your pets or your kids in your car in the summer, but what about valuables and other objects? If you leave one of these items in your car, you could end up with a mess, be an easy target for thieves, or risk serious injury. Temperature In the summer,

  • Getting Your Car Back in Shape After Winter

    Wisconsin winter weather can be a big challenge for your car: you need to put together an emergency kit, switch to winter tires, make sure the battery is healthy, and do what you can to keep salt at bay. After winter ends, you might only switch to summer tires. However, there’s more that you should

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