• Driving in Canada

    Driving in Canada

    Weak currency, cooler weather, and ample tourist opportunities make Canada a great place to visit this time of year. With places like Toronto and Thunder Bay within a day’s drive, it makes sense to go by car. What do you need to cross the border? Do you need additional car insurance? Are there differences in

  • Staying Safe when Driving in Fog

    Staying Safe when Driving in Fog

    Driving in fog is more dangerous than you think. Each year, the National Weather Service estimates there are 511 deaths caused by fog each year. That’s 25% higher than the rate of winter weather-related casualties. Knowing how to deal with foggy driving and when to avoid it could keep you from being involved in one

  • Road Trip Tips

    Road Trip Tips

    Summer road trips are as American as apple pie, but minor problems can add up, sucking the fun out of your trip. These tips will help you avoid common frustrations so you and your family can get more enjoyment out of your vacation. Avoid the Rat Race Part of the joy of taking a vacation

  • Car Insurance: Getting the Protection You Need

    Car Insurance: Getting the Protection You Need

    Do you have enough insurance coverage on your car? Do you have the right type of coverage? How does insurance pay for the best collision repair? You may be tempted to get the cheapest insurance you can buy, but getting the right coverage can save you a lot of money when you’re involved in an

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