• Auto Glass Repair
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    Auto Glass Repair

    While you may never get in an accident, damage to your vehicle’s glass is almost inevitable. The windows in your car aren’t all the same, and they do more than just let you see out while protecting the cabin from wind and weather. How does glass function in your car, and how can it be

  • Headlight Maintenance/Replacement
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    Headlight Maintenance/Replacement

    Without sufficient light, it’s hard to see to drive your vehicle at night and in fog, and it’s also hard for your vehicle to be seen by other drivers. Here’s what you need to know about your headlights from changing bulbs to keeping the lenses clear. How do I Change a Headlight Bulb? Never touch

  • Why Do Tires Wear in Different Patterns?
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    Why Do Tires Wear in Different Patterns?

    You may have heard of “reading” spark plugs to tell the condition of your engine, but did you know you can also find problems with your tires, wheels, and suspension by the wear patterns of your tires? Here are some of the most common wear patterns and what they indicate. Bald at the Center of

  • The Dangers of a Dirty Car
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    The Dangers of a Dirty Car

    How important is it to have a clean car? A freshly washed vehicle looks nice and professional detailing can help sell a vehicle, but there’s more at stake: leaving your car dirty can accelerate aging and reduce the safety of your car. Understanding how dirt ages your car and addressing the root causes can help

  • How to Avoid Being Scammed
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    How to Avoid Being Scammed

    How do you know your car is getting the repair work it needs at a reasonable cost? Shops like Merton Auto Body have built a reputation for quality over decades of service, while other shops may be new but have experienced personnel. Then there are shops that base their business on trying to get money

  • Stay Safe on Your Bike This Spring
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    Stay Safe on Your Bike This Spring

    Whether you have an old scooter you use to get to work or a custom bike with one of our paint jobs, taking a little time to make sure everything is in working order can make the riding season more enjoyable and a lot safer. Inspect Your Bike Look over your bike and ask yourself these

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