• 5 Things to Ask an Auto Body Shop
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    5 Things to Ask an Auto Body Shop

    When you take your car in for collision repair, you want it to come out looking like there was never any damage to your car. Poor work can mean mismatched paint, large panel gaps, a poor quality finish, and even untreated structural damage that could make your car unsafe. You also need to be able

  • Auto Glass Repair Versus Replacement
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    Auto Glass Repair Versus Replacement

    Auto glass isn’t something you really think about until it needs to be fixed, but at some point a hail storm, a gravel truck, or a car accident is going to do some damage to your vehicle’s windows. Why can some glass be repaired, while other glass needs to be replaced? What makes auto glass

  • Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive
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    Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

    For a teenager, getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage, opening the door to free travel. For their parents, it’s a time worrying about their kids getting in accidents. Tensions may run high with this battle between your worries and your teen’s freedom, but these tips can help you get your son or

  • What is Paintless Dent Repair?
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    What is Paintless Dent Repair?

    If your car has minor dents in it from hail or a minor fender bender, it might be repairable using paintless dent repair. What exactly is paintless dent repair, and how can it save you money? What is Regular Dent Repair? There are 5 common traditional methods for repairing damaged body panels: Hammering the panel

  • Rust – Causes, Prevention, & Solutions
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    Rust – Causes, Prevention, & Solutions

    Let’s face it: a lot of the vehicles we drive up here aren’t going to go to the junkyard because they’re worn out, they’re going to be taken off the road because of rust. What is rust? What role does salt have in its formation? What can be done to prevent it? What is Rust?

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