• Driving in Canada

    Driving in Canada

    Weak currency, cooler weather, and ample tourist opportunities make Canada a great place to visit this time of year. With places like Toronto and Thunder Bay within a day’s drive, it makes sense to go by car. What do you need to cross the border? Do you need additional car insurance? Are there differences in

  • Bizarre Driving Laws

    Bizarre Driving Laws

    Are you following the rules of the road? While you may know how stop signs and speed limit signs work, there are more obscure laws on the books that can be confusing, dangerous or just make you wonder what incident lead to their creation. Here are some of the strangest road laws you’ll find in

  • How to Reduce Distracted Driving

    How to Reduce Distracted Driving

    Drunk driving may be the leading cause of accident-related deaths, but distracted driving causes more accidents. The Centers for Disease Control estimates 9 people die and 1,000 are injured every day by distracted driving, and all of us are guilty of it in one way or another. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate distractions, these

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