• The Stages of Auto Repair

    The Stages of Auto Repair

    What happens to your car when you bring it to a body shop, and why does it take longer and cost more than other automotive repairs? When the value of your vehicle, its drivability and its safety are on the line, it takes a lot more work to fix than getting an oil change. These

  • Developing Colors to Match Your Car

    Developing Colors to Match Your Car

    How does an auto body shop get a newly painted body panel to look like it did when it left the factory? Spies Hecker comes out with 25,000 new paint formulas each year that can be recreated in body shops like ours to recreate factory paint. Those formulas are the result of work starting before

  • Pinstriping
    • 1819
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    From hand-built coaches to modern custom cycles and cars, pinstripes have long been a styling staple. How did this style of ornamentation evolve, and how is it used today? From Coaches to Cars Pinstriping has been around for centuries, but it only made its way to coaches and carriages in the 19th century. Initially just

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