• Getting Your Car Back in Shape After Winter

    Wisconsin winter weather can be a big challenge for your car: you need to put together an emergency kit, switch to winter tires, make sure the battery is healthy, and do what you can to keep salt at bay. After winter ends, you might only switch to summer tires. However, there’s more that you should

  • Questions to Ask a Body Shop

    Questions to Ask a Body Shop

    Most of us don’t think about auto body repair until we have an accident, and this places us in a situation where we have to make a major decision without a good knowledge base. By asking these questions, you’ll have a better picture of what to expect when you bring your car in for collision

  • Repairing Collision Damage on Classic Cars

    Repairing Collision Damage on Classic Cars

    Restoring a classic car is a process that can take years of work and substantial amounts of money. That means a garden variety accident can turn into a major headache. What issues should you expect when having collision damage repaired on your classic car? Repairs Can and Will Reveal Other Issues  It may have been

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