• Items You Shouldn’t Leave in Your Car

    Items You Shouldn’t Leave in Your Car

    Sure, you know not to leave your pets or your kids in your car in the summer, but what about valuables and other objects? If you leave one of these items in your car, you could end up with a mess, be an easy target for thieves, or risk serious injury. Temperature In the summer,

  • Collision Repair Jargon

    Collision Repair Jargon

    Are you having trouble following the work that needs to be done after an accident? Do you feel like your insurance agent is speaking another language? Here are some of the most common terms used by the collision repair industry and what they mean. Parts and Repairs OEM: This stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” These

  • Common Causes of Paint Damage

    Common Causes of Paint Damage

    Bad paint doesn’t just hurt the look of your vehicle, it can seriously eat into its resale value. By addressing common causes of paint damage, you can protect your ride and your investment. Bird Droppings Thanks to a diet high in acidic berries, birds have caustic droppings that eat through paint. These droppings also contain

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