• Getting Your Car Ready for Winter
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    Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

    Winter is coming, and that means facing snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. By taking a few steps now, you can prepare your car for the season, so you can minimize the chance of breakdowns and accidents.   Put Together an Emergency Kit   Even if you avoid sliding off the road, a blizzard or severe

  • Using a Child Safety Seat Correctly
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    Using a Child Safety Seat Correctly

    Modern cars do an excellent job at protecting adults in crashes, but their safety systems aren’t scaled for smaller passengers. To keep your children safe, they’ll need to be in a car seat. However, simply buying one isn’t enough: over half of these seats are used incorrectly, putting their users at risk during accidents. Here’s

  • Hybrids and Crashes
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    Hybrids and Crashes

    Are hybrids more dangerous in an accident than regular cars? While there have been some concerns about battery fires and exposure to high voltage systems, a lot of work goes into these vehicles to ensure they’re as safe as anything else on the road. How Hybrids Work A hybrid has a generator/drive motor. When braking,

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