• Traveling with Preemies
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    Traveling with Preemies

    Even with advances in medical care, a premature birth is still nerve-wracking. Just when you think the days of endless visits, medical speak and tests are over, you’re faced with a new problem: How are you going to get the newest member of your family home? Your baby’s small size and their undeveloped heart and

  • Telematics: Getting Your Smartphone to Talk to Your Car
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    Telematics: Getting Your Smartphone to Talk to Your Car

    You may not know the word “telematics,” but if you’ve been around a car built in the past couple years, you’ve seen this merging of smartphone and infotainment technology. Why is it such a big trend, and how do you get your phone to work with it? Why Does My Car have to Pretend it’s

  • Towing Safety
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    Towing Safety

    Thinking about buying a trailer or renting one? If you’re new to towing, there are a few things you should know to make sure you and your cargo are safe. Weight and Size You probably know that the trailer should weigh less than the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) rating of the vehicle, but it can

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