• How to Make Commuting Less Stressful
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    How to Make Commuting Less Stressful

    If you have the average person rank their daily activities from best to worst, commuting will almost always come dead last. Numerous studies bear this out, making what many consider a minor annoyance to be a major factor in everything from stress levels to divorce rates. How can you make your daily drive to and

  • Protecting and Repairing Plastic Headlights
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    Protecting and Repairing Plastic Headlights

    Cloudy headlights are a common sight on modern cars, but they don’t have to be. By taking some precautions against wear and UV damage and removing damage when it appears, you can keep your car looking good and get the light you need to see. Why Did Automakers Switch to Plastic? Glass lenses required less

  • Finding a Good Mechanic
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    Finding a Good Mechanic

    How do you find a good mechanic? It’s not just a matter of finding someone who does quality work, but also someone who can do the work you need. Here are some tips that will help you find a shop that will best fit your needs. Know the Basics Jokes about blinker fluid and muffler

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