Service Overview

Want to bring your car’s paint back to its former shine? Bring your car into Merton Auto Body to have the exterior buffed. This process gently removes surface paint, taking scratches and other damage away with it to make your car’s paint job look new again.

How does Buffing Improve My Car's Paint Job?

The shininess of a paint job comes down to scratches: the bigger these scratches are, the duller the paint will look. Most detailing processes work by replacing larger scratches with smaller ones, but with buffing, the paint is gently rubbed away until the surface is completely flat. There are still microscopic scratches left by the pad and polishing compound used to buff the car, so we apply a glaze to fill in the surface to get that last bit of shine.

What Can I Expect?

Most scratching occurs on the sides of the vehicle due to keys, shopping carts and other objects striking the paint surface. If you have a car, we have a base charge of $300 to buff and glaze the sides of your vehicle, which takes about four hours. For full size trucks, minivans and SUVs, we charge $400. On these larger vehicles, the process takes around 5-and-a-half hours. Additional fees are applied if your vehicle needs a major scratch buffed out, or you want the hood, roof or bumpers buffed.

Is Buffing Enough?

The amount of scratches that can be buffed away is dependent on the depth of those scratches and the thickness of the paint. If the paint is beyond restoration, we can repaint the affected panels to make them look new. When you bring your car in, we can let you know exactly what it will take to get the paint looking new again, whether it needs to be detailed, buffed, or resprayed.

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