Service Overview

Merton Auto Body offers auto collision repair service in Sussex, Waukesha County.

Getting in an accident is never a fun experience, and neither is getting the repairs your car needs to get it back on the road. It’s not something we think about until it happens, and when we do, it brings up a lot of questions: Should you look at local body shops, or go to a national chain? Will insurance cover work done at the shop? Can they tow your vehicle, or will you have to arrange for that yourself? How long will it take to get an estimate and have the work done?

That’s where Merton Auto Body comes in. Our slogan is “Swift Service, Higher Standard” for a reason: we’ve been offering the fastest, highest quality auto body service in the Waukesha area for over 70 years.


Everything Under One Roof

Have your vehicle repaired and restored at our auto collision repair shop in Sussex, where we have the diagnostics, parts, tools, and expertise you need. Backed with a lifetime guarantee, our workmanship is done by seasoned vehicle repair specialists.

We handle everything from minor paint chips and door dings to major auto body damage. We also carefully restore the vehicle’s safety features, from the crumple zones to airbags, to make sure you get back on the road safely. And when the vehicle damage is small and doesn’t suffer from cracked paint, our paintless dent removal service can do the job for less effort and cost. We also use state-of-the-art technology to identify issues usually missed by visual inspection alone.


For All Makes and Models

We work on all makes and models, including foreign, luxury, vans, and pickup trucks. We understand that every vehicle is made according to certain specifications. Each line in each frame is uniquely designed in terms of aerodynamics, aesthetics, and safety purposes, and we keep this in mind as we do the repairs. We’re just as committed to quality as the original manufacturers of your car.


Fast Turnaround Time

We understand the burden of experiencing an auto collision. You rely on your vehicle to get you everywhere — to work, the grocery store, your kids’ school, and more. Because we do everything you need under one roof, we take pride in our fast turnaround time.

Accidents happen, but mistakes can be avoided. Call Merton Auto Body for your auto collision repair needs in Waukesha County today.

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