• Are Big Cars Safer than Small Cars?
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    Are Big Cars Safer than Small Cars?

    Safety isn’t a fun subject, but it can make the difference between walking away and spending time in a hospital when you have a car accident. It’s easy to check for safety features, but what about size? Conventional wisdom holds that bigger is better, and there are plenty of people out there who think nothing

  • Are Electric Vehicles Safe?

    Are Electric Vehicles Safe?

    Affordable all-electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3, electric versions of cars like the Kia Soul and high performance cars like the Porsche Taycan are making inroads into the American car market. How safe are these vehicles? Let’s look at the effects having an electric drivetrain has on driving, fueling and crash safety. Safety Standards

  • Work Zone Safety
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    Work Zone Safety

    You’ve seen the signs warning of heavy fines and dangers in work zones, but how dangerous are they? Here’s everything you need to know about driving through road construction, from avoiding hefty tickets to staying safe in an accident. How Dangerous are Work Zones? In Wisconsin, there are over 2,600 crashes in construction zones each

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