• Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Road Salt
    • 2014
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    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Road Salt

    What is road salt? Is there a reason that salt damage isn’t as bad as it used to be? Should I still look into rust protection? Where does all that salt go, anyway? Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this corrosive substance. What is Road Salt? There are three chemical salts used to

  • The Dangers of a Dirty Car
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    The Dangers of a Dirty Car

    How important is it to have a clean car? A freshly washed vehicle looks nice and professional detailing can help sell a vehicle, but there’s more at stake: leaving your car dirty can accelerate aging and reduce the safety of your car. Understanding how dirt ages your car and addressing the root causes can help

  • Rust – Causes, Prevention, & Solutions
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    Rust – Causes, Prevention, & Solutions

    Let’s face it: a lot of the vehicles we drive up here aren’t going to go to the junkyard because they’re worn out, they’re going to be taken off the road because of rust. What is rust? What role does salt have in its formation? What can be done to prevent it? What is Rust?

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